The huge changes to working practices that many businesses and employees have recently had to make to comply with emergency legislation, are changes that would usually require weeks or months of planning to implement. Within days many are now embracing working from home and flexible working, relying on communication systems and connections that have never felt more important.

Going forward businesses will want to be more prepared to feel in control of any eventuality and there is no doubt this will feel a huge learning curve. About Time Solutions are ready to support you and we are already gearing up for the future with the experience and expertise to help you transform and future-proof your workplace across the four areas that we predict will be high on the agenda.

1. Benefits of Remote Working

While many have dipped a toe or even immersed their business in homeworking, many more will now be utilising this as a necessity homeworking, many more will now be utilising this as a necessity and if successful will be wanting to pursue this going forward. Our experienced team at About Time Solutions will help you for the best outcomes & provide you with the products need.

The good news is that enabling a flexible approach to working has been shown to increase productivity and employee retention, with improved job satisfaction from reduced commutes, and access to a wider pool of talent for the work you need. Often the offer of flexible workmen makes a job more appealing and there is evidence that staff become more conscientious when working from home.



work from home graph

Research by Cranfield School of Management for Working Families

For many businesses allowing work from home offers a lot of advantages in reduced risk and financial outlay. It can also reduce your carbon footprint and improve air quality in cities through reduced commutes. Research by Cranfield School of Management for Working Families


In order to make flexible working successful, the right processes & technologies must be in place. Your staff will need to feel they are part of the team with a focus on both formal and informal connections in and out of the office. Introducing simple communication software for a morning ‘Hello’ as well as the video conferencing you need to achieve full team meetings will enable the development of good team relationships and boost morale.

work from home

work from home


The innovation of cloud-based file sharing solutions will be essential to allow all staff to collaborate and work effectively wherever they are, and leasing your hardware will mean you can stay on top of developments in technology and rely on keeping your team connected. This may lead to your office working in a very different way. The solution will be found in creative design which manages the potential for varying activities and numbers of staff throughout the week in a practical way. Flexible furniture, a focus on connectivity technology and multi-use work zones will continue to be key when designing for future-proof workspaces, and About Time Solutions can help from the initial planning to design and installation.

2. Supporting the Flexible Workforce

Whilst it seems simple to allow the flexibility for staff to work in, or out of the office, there is no doubt that the focus on their health and wellbeing should remain key. Employers are still responsible for protecting the health, safety and wellbeing of employees and should accept the need to invest in that. From ergonomic assessments of the home-working space, to risk assessing the tasks they will perform out of the office, supporting the health of your staff will both improve performance and increase staff retention. We can ensure you meet best practises in health and safety with a range of ergonomic products and individual assessments for your team.

office work ergonomics

Ergonomic furniture


It would be preferable to offer the same resources to support your staff ergonomically in and out of the office; assessment, training and products in the form of a suitable ergonomic desk chair, laptop accessories to enable users to work with the screen, mouse and keyboard in the correct position.

For those working at a kitchen or dining room table, the height of this may well be incorrect ergonomically –risers can be used but ide