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Welcome Blaine Lawrence

About time solutions would like to welcome Blaine Lawrence to the company. Multilingual speaking 5 different languages with a degree in origami and a strong supporter of Swindon Town F.C Blaine has a long sporting history with a great love of darts, Blaine once swam the channel but unfortunately lost a big toe after [...]

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What you can, and can’t, put into a skip

Recently a client wanted to hire a skip and asked me what he could or couldn’t put in it. Firstly I said: “check with the skip provider, as some have different rules”. Then I thought, although we have guidelines for sites and draw on our knowledge, it would be environmentally responsible to share this [...]

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The form and function of choosing office furniture

Choosing the right office furniture for your fit out or refurb is a classic case of balancing form and function. You want your office space to look good and to accurately reflect your company brand and ethos; at the same time, it needs to be an effective working environment for your employees. Office Furniture - [...]

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