If you’re a builder, a homeowner wanting an extension, a landlord or agent instructing works and repairs, or even a facilities manager, you will, for certain projects, hear the term “CDM 2015”. You might also hear other expressions such as: principle designer, main contractor, domestics works, duty of care, fines, HSE, etc – all of which cover points you need to be aware off.

Since 6th April 2015, the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015  – CDM 2015 for short – have been in place. The number of fines and other stronger measures has increased and the net is casting wider. Any excuses of ‘I didn’t know’ can fall on deaf ears; the best advice is to visit the HSE Government website and read up on it, or, if you’re a member of a trade body, contact them.

Alternatively, we at About Time Solutions will welcome your call if you want some no-nonsense appraisal and direction; we have the expertise to help and advise you. Don’t rush into projects thinking ‘it doesn’t apply to me’; it could be a very costly mistake.