About Time Solutions ‘Titanic’ crew go Fishing

On April 9th the About Time Solutions Titanic Mk11 crew assembled for their maiden voyage and dangerous sea adventure into uncharted waters against gale force winds, 30 foot waves and dangerous sea creatures!

Really I hear you say? This is a Fishermans story and open to exaggeration. Ok, we assembled for a works jolly starting off with a breakfast and downing seas sickness pills. We then meet skipper Paul, owner of the Ruby D, and after getting on board, eagerly awaiting our days fishing in the Bristol Channel. On board was John ‘Toasty’, Richard ‘sea legs’ (owns a boat!) Jack ‘carp man’, Charlie ‘lucky strike’ Paul ‘Huntsman’, myself Bob ‘throw-up’ and Gareth ‘windmill’.

With bait and rod ready we were all set to empty the sea, and travel back within an hour as the hold possibly couldn’t hold more than a ton. We talked about all the cod recipes we could use and wondered if we had enough freezer space at home. Oh yes we were ready, fired up and starting off very excited on a nice morning with the water like a mill pond.

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After clearing the lock the sea got a bit choppy and the rain stared to drizzle. We were even fighting against a high tide. The stomach was deciding if the breakfast, sea sickness pills and a sea sickness arm band was sufficient or should it give up its contents? However we soon found our first spot, dropped anchor and with a hot coffee in one hand a rod in the other, the sun started to shine (although it was very cold) all seemed well. Even the sea was being kind.

Before setting out we had a tote on ‘who was going to catch the first fish?’ so we were eager to get fishing as surely in the next minute or so I was going to land an enormous cod and pocket the readies. At this point I promise you I was not suffering from concussion or still in bed dreaming. No the rod was going to bend, a mammoth cod was going to fight me, I was going to land it and with the money buy a fish kettle to steam it. Well as five minutes passed I was a little worried I was not going to be the first, and hour later I wondered if I would actually catch anything and worst still had my hook had fallen off? Two hours later my thoughts turned to ‘is ANYBODY’ going catch anything other than a cold? Then it happened, and it was not a surprise that Charlie ‘lucky strike’ bagged, or better still netted the first fish. It was only at the end of the day we learned that on a previous trip Charlie ‘lucky strike’ caught something like 100’s of fish whilst the reminding group combined total was a hand full. To make things worse, the group was fully kitted up but Charlie ‘lucky strike’ turned up with an antique bamboo fishing rod loaned from his great, great granddad or might have been from the History museum, but nevertheless still thrashed everyone. Had we known then we might of handicapped him, like asked him to fish without bait and a hook whilst doing a handstand, but somehow I think he still would have beaten us all. Now for the smug picture with the winning fish!


Well to rub the salt in, his fishing pal Jack ‘carp man’ then landed another. A tri-pod specimen..




The boasting was unbearable. Not that we were jealous of their endeavours, not that we regretted their moment of sheer joy and good luck, of course not. We just wished it was us!! LOL. However every cloud has a silver lining, the ones above us were black and grey, but you know what I mean. It indicated that the fish are biting and that very shortly we will be proudly parading our fish for the camera and that you will be also seeing my smiling face.

Our attention was now firmly fixed on the tip of our rods, who was next , me, John ‘Toasty’, Richard ‘sea legs’ or even annoying (but loveable) Gareth ‘ windmill’??



“FISH ON !!!!” was the cry. Well my rod was not bending over like a belly dancer doing the limbo, so who was it?? Charlie ‘lucky strike’ or is it now ‘double strike?’ strikes again. Well that’s now 2 out of 3 fish. However this fish proved to be a right problem. The skipper identified it as a pregnant female with a pup. So we decided to catch and release. But before she was put back into the water she managed to bite our skipper! I think you could say it was the 4th bite of the day, but we will not go there too much as we plan some more trips and don’t want to be banned! Oh dam it, yes we will.. Skipper was bleeding all over the place. (Note I didn’t take a cheap shot and say plaice). A day before I went fishing I managed to cut my finger and just in case the serious wound opened up (well the little nick) I have done the boy scout thing and came prepared with plasters. However it was only after skipper had nearly bleed to death that I remembered ‘I have PLASTERS! ’.

Having passed many 1st aid courses and being an ex medical professional, well an ex St John’s member, I applied the plasters and in doing so saved his life. Now I don’t want to take full credit, but yes it was me.




Grateful skipper after surviving a vicious and lift threaten bite then being saved by me.



After a few more hours we decided to travel to another spot that was a little rougher but had great possibilities. So up anchor and away. When we arrived it was like being on a fun fair ride, up, down, side to side but in rough seas. Now up to this point my breakfast and stomach had settled but apparently after 10 or so minutes my face colour had changed and I was holding on for dear life. Not at all I say, but between you and I was close to re tasting my stomachs contents. What was not helping was watching Gareth and his antics. knowing I was feeling a little under the weather and having not caught a fish, boredom lead him to waving his arms violently around simulating he was either having a fit, was trying to gain the attention of the space shuttle or showing us how a windmill reacts in a force 8 gale. I think he was trying to simulate that the boats rocking was actually worst than what it was and was trying to encourage the return of my breakfast. Well this nearly worked but the recovering skipper said the magic phrase “we’ll move now to a quieter spot”. Well Gareth you were just 5 min’s away…


Having set up again, but in calmer waters the sun decided to shine. We were just a few hours from finishing the days enjoyment when “FISH ON !!!!” was the cry. Well I knew my rod had run out of batteries or something technical like that so who is it this time? And please not luck strike again! It was Paul the ‘Huntsman’. He came dolled up for rabbits and pheasants, hunters knife etc but even so and being a novice he landed the biggest catch of the day!


This lucky fish was also a catch and release. We of course had lots of near misses, you know ‘I’ve got a big fish on but it got away’. But in the end we had 4 landed and one confirmed hooked but lost.

The real winner on the day was how much fun we had and in a way how relaxing. Skipper Paul was not only a great skipper but excellent host, and I do recommend you book a trip with him soon. https://www.portisheadcharters.co.uk/

I would like to thank all the crew, who made the day and made the fishing a sideshow. We will be doing this again and hopefully the fishing rod gods will be on our side. However I must remember to tie Gareth’s arms together and give Charlie the wrong date to turn up. LOL


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