When we quote, we tend to supply a full breakdown of tasks and costs, which makes it easier to identify where your finances are being spent. Increasingly, we are being asked if projects can be leased or if there are grants and other alternatives to using the banks?

Like most funding options, finding the right leasing company can be a minefield. Some companies will lease certain items but not others, whereas some have long and complicated processes which takes up your valuable time.

At About Time Solutions, we choose to work with Bluestone Leasing who, we believe, stand out from the crowd. They look at each project on its individual merit and work with you to find the right funding solution. As a rule, most fit out companies really don’t mind how you fund your project, providing the funds are there.

About Time Solutions Ltd want all our clients to have the best experience, receive the best service and to ensure their funds stretch further. It’s not for us to say that you must use Bluestone Leasing above others, there are other companies out there offering a range of services and benefits. However based on how helpful Bluestone Leasing are and how swiftly they respond to our clients’ needs, we have received enough positive feedback to feel confident in recommending their services to you as a trusted partner.

We asked  Bluestone Leasing to briefly outline the benefits a typical About Time Solutions Ltd customer would receive, and why they choose to finance projects.

The benefits of leasing
  • Spread costs over time – Aligning costs to the return on investment for ultimately depreciating assets is an extremely powerful alternative to paying, in full, upfront.
  • Tax benefits – The lease (including interest) is effectively 100% tax deductible typically making leasing significantly more cost effective than using capital for most.
  • Retain capital – Retain the cash within the business to fund investment which could provide a higher return to the business
  • Low, fixed costs – Costs are fixed for the duration of the agreement from the outset irrespective of changes to interest rates.
  • VAT treatment – Leasing allows the business to also spread the VAT across the term along with the capital.
  • Reduce risk – Existing credit lines and banking facilities remain untouched, reducing reliance on current finance providers.
  • Turnkey funding – The finance can be structured to include all of the project costs, including the more intangible elements which some customers are not aware can be financed.

Bob Turner, MD

Originally published on LinkedIn on 25 August 2016.