Whether you’re working on a brand-new office fit out or need to make better use of an existing office layout, office partitioning provides the ideal solution. When properly designed and installed, partitioning creates the basic framework of your office, dividing it into effective working areas and accommodating various different functions without having to undertake expensive structural alterations. Put simply, office partitioning allows you to make the most of whatever space you have.

So which partitioning system is right for your project? First, you need to consider the type of work area you need to create, for example:

  • self-contained office
  • meeting/board room
  • break-out area
  • kitchen/canteen
  • secure storage area
  • waiting room for clients

The type of room or space will determine the type of partitioning you need. Here are some of the choices you have:

Solid or glazed?
Choose from solid, full glazed or half-glazed partitions, and frameless glazed partitioning.

Sound proofing
Basic solid office partitioning is 50 mm thick but for better sound reduction, consider the 75 mm or 100 mm system. Glazed partitioning can be single or double glazed.

Fire rating
Partitions made from glass and wood can be treated to achieve different fire ratings.

If you’re creating an enclosed room, you’ll need at least one door. It can be standard height and width or the full height of the room, but it must contain a minimum area of visibility to comply with building regulations.

Office partitioning is usually fixed and static, but there are various folding or sliding wall systems available. This is particularly useful for meeting rooms – you can open up the partition to accommodate large groups and close it for small meetings.

Style and finish
Metal partitioning frames can be sprayed any colour to match any existing framework. Glazed partitions can be fully or partially frosted and supplied with or without blinds. Solid partition walls can be laminated, veneered or made of solid wood, depending on your budget.

We have years of experience installing office partitioning systems in Swindon, Bristol and the surrounding areas. Contact us for more information and prices.