A suspended ceiling – also known as a dropped ceiling or false ceiling – consists of a metal grid, suspended from the floor above with strong wires, which supports lightweight ceiling panels. Commonly installed in office buidlings and other commercial premises, suspended ceilings have several useful features which make them a great choice for your fit out or refurbishment project.

Benefits of suspended ceilings

  • A suspended ceiling creates a gap between itself and the main ceiling (the floor above), making a perfect space to conceal ducts, pipes, cables and wiring. What’s more, thanks to the easily-removable ceiling panels, all of those utilities are easily accessible if they need repairing.
  • Suspended ceilings provide better sound-proofing than drywall ceilings, helping to reduce noise in the room.
  • Good-quality ceiling panels and tiles are fire-retardant and comply with government fire regulations.
  • Suspended ceiling panels provide good insulation which can help reduce heating costs.
  • Modern suspended ceilings are resistant to moisture and mould, making them suitable for installation in kitchens, bathrooms, changing rooms, etc.
  • Suspended ceilings are available in a wide range of panel designs, textures and colours, and with various types of lay-in grids which can incorporate beams, rafters, change of levels, featured bulkheads, etc.

Limitations of suspended ceilings

As with any ceiling system, suspended ceilings have a few limitations:

  • They are not recommended for rooms with a low ceiling, as they further reduce the height of the room – by as much as a metre, in some cases.
  • Suspended ceiling tiles can sag and stain over time, and require regular maintenance to look their best.
  • If not installed correctly, the ceiling tiles can shift or, in the worst case, fall down.

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