It was sad to learn that in May this year that Ranne Creative Interiors Appointed Liquidators. Having left Ranne to set up my own fit out and refurbishment business, About Time Solutions Ltd in 2016, I left behind some really nice people.  Ranne Creative Interiors were a very professional company so it is with some surprise that they failed to push on. They had fitted out or refurbished several high profile projects for blue-chip companies, some of which I had delivered.

It is the nature of business that some fall by the wayside. So far this year Children’s World, 20 retails shops trading as High & Mighty, Jacamo & Simply Be, Flooring Republic, Poundworld, Kleeneze, Barging Booze, Toys ‘R’ Us UK and Maplin’s. This is just a snapshot and no doubt more to come.

Longevity also seems no defence against failure, with household names like BBC Store, Jaeger, Staples, BHS, Austin Read, Debenhams Retail (Ireland) Ltd, MFI and Woolworths all falling by the wayside. How many of us have missed going to WOOLIES!

This year also saw the demise of much beloved Betterware who was established in Birmingham in 1928. Whilst we sometimes concentrate on the brand name, the real cost is jobs, and not just the direct job also the indirect jobs. A job is a person, and a person is someone’s Mum, Dad, brother or sister. So I don’t just see a business name, I see real people losing real jobs regardless of the name on the door.

So is BREXIT to blame? 2007 & 2015 saw just 25 large firms close whilst 2008 & 2012 both saw 54. So it’s been up and down. 2017 saw 44 go bust whilst this year it currently stands at 26. There are no spikes to suggest that this year’s failures are partly due to BREXIT, but I fear BREXIT will be still going on for the next 5 years so let’s hope we don’t see very large spikes in failures. Only, if and when we leave will we be able to determine the impact.

About Time Solutions Ltd started in 2016 and it’s been tough. Even so, our workload has increased and our customer base is growing. 2017 has been kind to us, and we expect the same for 2018.

We hope that many more new customers look at us and see what we can offer, so if you have a refurbishment or fit out project, factory, warehouse, retail or offices, please consider us, and please contact us. Thank you

Bob Turner – MD About Time Solutions Ltd