How large dreams combined with hard work can come true!

I don’t have a magic wand or unfortunately rich parents, so like the majority of us we all dream, mine is winning the lottery and catching a Marlin of the cost of Florida!

When I wake up, the disappointment of not having my ‘new car and a yacht in the marina’ smacks me in the face. This either hurts or gives you a reality check. Up to 2016, it was hurting, but although late in life finally, the reality did kick in. In January 2016 About Time Solutions Ltd was formed.

Setting up, and those that know, this can be a painful and frustrating time, but also exciting. Around February I was set up in Pure Offices, Swindon with my desk, phone, chair and a waste paper bin.

I had a one-person desk in a shared space. Not much to offer, no staff, no orders and as the other occupants rarely turned up, no one to talk to. These were the minor negatives. The positives, of which some might seem small, were massive. Just having a space that looked professional, a meeting room, tea point, internet, a dedicated phone number a business address, a post box and even my company’s name and logo on the door was saying ‘here I am, now let’s get to work!’

Day one …. got my office keys, phone working, internet up and running, no dramas. My opinion going into any serviced offices wasn’t that positive. Having now gone through the process I can like it to first learning to ride a pedal bike (with stabilisers), moving on to say a scooter then a small car and finally big boy transport.

My experience at Pure Offices in a short period of time was exactly like that. A one-person office, to a two-person office then to a 3-4 person office then moved out to a 6-10 person office.

Having now set up our own offices, which included fitting it out, sorting out broadband, IT, phones, furniture etc do you only realise that serviced offices allow you to get up and running without all the fuss from day one.

Having worked damn hard, spending many hours alone, late at night early in the morning there are a few people I must thank for helping along my dream path. First and most important, my ‘wife to be’ Ange. For the support and trust, as I worked 18 hours a day, understanding why I was diving into our only savings and who shared my ups and downs, then and even now. To my ‘work wife’ and great friend and now my ‘no-nonsense’ site & project manager Vicky who for nearly six months also supported me, unpaid, and was just there, whilst she was holding down her own job.

Tammy soon joined me and again showed great dedication. Tammy worked at the office and did more at home, got the accounts up to date and now as my Office Manager keeps the ship on an even keel. The rest of the team, Teah and Nigel and including Mike Ferne and Leigh Hutton, have been outstanding and it is because I am supported by an excellent team and a very experienced subcontractor base is the very reason why About Time’s first year Jan – Dec 2016 turnover has already reached five times 2016 T/O for Jan – Dec 2017.

My final thanks are reserved for three particular friends and clients. They say you can’t mix business with pleasure. I say keep this restricted thinking to yourselves. Whilst I do agree there is a line, one thing that you can’t refute is that there can be business friends. IF possible, they will give you work, and these have done just that. It is not the amount, in comparison to the contracts we now do. But the feeling of winning your first orders, having that support from day one, the continuing support, just being able to go fishing, or pick up the phone for a chat etc is priceless. The support from these guys, in my early months, when money going out far exceeded what was returning was a massive boost and a platform to move forward. This will always be appreciated. So, THANK YOU, Jack, Richard and Stephen.

Finally, moving onto the rest of 2017 and looking forward to 2018. I hope that we continue to grow and make great strives whilst upholding the firm basics that we have built our business on. We are still conscious that we are a new company and the first three years will be difficult. Therefore, we still need your support.

If you are a client, you should know how passionate, friendly, flexible and hard working all my staff are. If you are not yet a client, then you will never know until you use us.

We hope that the company builds up its number of returning clients, increases its network of business friends and new clients.

Bob Turner 07773039823